The New World Pc || The New World Beta || The New World Free Download.


The New World Pc || The New World Beta || The New World Free Download.

The new world is a new generation or a
modern game. In which two armies can fighting with another for many times, at
that time the people of Aeternum are very power full they have natural God
Gifted Powers. The armies fighted  with
swords, arrows and old used old fighting tools to battle.
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Find a
thrilling in game, Open the World MMO covered with danger and rights where you
will build a new destiny for yourself as an enjoyed shipwrecked on the natural
island of Aeternum. Infinite rights to fight, forage and await you among the
islander’s. Supernatural channels presented to force or very dangerous weapon
are in series, real time to fight with enemies, and fight  alone 
with enemies, or fight enemies with small troops team, with mass armies  of PVE and PVP battle and the decision is


For many
years the Aeternum has provided the brave’s 
soldier’s  and  fantastical le legends and you have found.
Shipwrecked are not supplies of allies and to make your own way in this dangerous
world, where the supernatural powers of a person have changed the rules of the
world. In this island or place, your destiny is whatever you want to make of it
for that dangerous world.

Mature content:

developers specify the following content: This game may contain content that is
not suitable for all ages, or it may not be suitable for viewing at work:
Repeated Violence.

Unity Is Strength:

At the heart of the social features of
the New World are three factions, the players’ organizations and the non-player
character with their own goals and plans for the future of the island. As a
member of one of these factions, you will fight and claim, defend your
territory and develop.

A Super Natural Land:

The mysteries of Eternum are as deep
and dark as its history. Peek into the world and discover the secret reality of
the island and its strange inhabitants for thousands of years. As you explore
Eternum, you will find beauty, danger and opportunity at every turn. You must
use all your abilities to take advantage of the island’s grace and escape its

Fighting Tools:

Equip yourself with brutal weapons,
range artillery or supernatural powers and jump into the New World Classless
real time action combat system. As you progress, you’ll be able to determine
what you want your gaming experience to be like: Will you act as a protective
shield on the front lines? Would you do magic to support your allies from a
safe distance? Only you, as the parent can know for sure.

Different Mode’s Of New World:

The new world game have four game

1.    Invasion.

2.    Outpost Rush.

3.    War Mode.

4.     Expeditions.

New World Game Story:

You wash at Eternum, a legendary
island with veins of a magical mineral called Azoth which exerts power and
corruption. So this is a lost island of magic and monsters. The ruins of an
ancient civilization (and preserved from skeletons) remain, with magical
natural creatures, perverted colonies, and other villains to fight. However,
there is more to the story than just the sequence, and Ethereum is full of many
mysteries. There is even a villain named Isabella, whom you can see at the end
of this trailer.

System Requirements New World:



Disk Space


50 GB space.


Network Type


3g, 4g, and Wifi Internet


Game Card


® G.Force® GTX 670 2GB / A. Radeon R9 280






Operating System


M. Window 10 & 7, With 64-bits.


Direct X


12 Version or new one.




Internet Connection must available for play


The New World Pc || The New World Beta || The New World Free Download.




You can download the game from the
given download button. When you press the given download button you will
redirect the download page.

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