Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Free Download

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 

The game is a tactical sniper online game modern and introduced by way of City Interactive for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is the 0.33 access in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior collection and is the sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior. 


As the name indicates, players will generally dispatch enemies the usage of various sniper rifles and stealth kill options. The recreation’s sniping system will take into account wind speeds and guidelines, heartbeat rate, and bullet drop. Successful sniping would require minute manage over those inputs. Realistic ballistics system measures bullet trajectory, bullet drop and environmental results inclusive of wind, fog and rain Pull off the perfect headshot and watch your bullet strike the enemy with pin-factor accuracy in Bullet Cam mode 12-man or woman multiplayer battles featuring

6 custom created maps

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 takes all of the breathless anticipation, particular controls and skillful amusing of sniping and mixes it with stealth and silent removal play, movement scenes, a cooperative pass playbook Night vision and thermo imaginative and prescient goggles to use in restrained visibility situation Multiple and varied locations which includes urban, jungle, mountain environments New Feature Night vision and thermo imaginative and prescient goggles to apply in restrained visibility situations Stealth kill potential, to silently take out enemies from in the back of.


The tale takes vicinity in 3 acts, every with their very own vicinity and period in time. Act I: Takes place within the Philippines. In the First Mission: Communication Breakdown, General Wheeler sends Captain Cole Anderson, CIA Operative Mike Diaz, along side Keller, Gomez, and Nichos to go to the Philippines wherein a set of Russia mercs made off with African Hemorrhage Fever, Wheeler claims that it makes the Black Death look like a head cold. One of the customers for the weaponizes disease is Kalalo, a Filipino who is the shot caller for Abu Sayyaf. In the Philippines, Anderson, Diaz, and Keller project through the jungle, Anderson and Diaz cut up up whereas Keller leads the attack crew. As Anderson and Diaz go through the jungle, they finally rendezvous with Keller, and that they take the Satellite Dish. In the Second Mission: From Out of Nowhere, Anderson splits up from Diaz, wherein Diaz and Keller lead the assault team. Act II: Takes place in Bosnia, 1993. Act III: Takes area Tibet.


Act 1

Communication Breakdown

From Out Of Nowhere

Leave No Man Behind

Act 2

Operation Archangel

And Justice for All

Ghost Of Sarajevo

Act 3

Knife In The Dark

Burning Bridges

Bad Karma

No Loose Ends


Sniper Rifles






M200 Intervention

SVD Dragunov

VSS Vintorez


Dads Fleshlight (Nathans Strike Exclusive)





Team Deathmatch

Run Brenton Run (Nathans Strike Exclusive)



Sarajevo Downtown

CQC Hotel

Forest Pursuit

Industrial District

Jungle Camping

Nathans Bedroom (Nathans Strike Exclusive)


Nathan Strike

A secluded boy named Nathan takes revenge on the man who diddled his bumhole. What he failed to understand was it changed into his very own father! Can he do the unthinkable or be a slave to the fingering. Anderson has been despatched to the brig for disobeying direct orders (rescuing his crew-buddies rather than securing the Bio-Agent WMD which turned into the primary objective). He recollects activities in Sarajevo, 1993, wherein he and his spotter Carl Maddox had been tasked to take snap shots of genocide by using Serbian forces led by means of Marko Vladić during the Bosnian War. They meet a Russian contact Merinov in the metropolis. After securing a strategic factor and taking the images of the genocide, Maddox loses his cool not able to observe the atrocities in addition, and is going in opposition to orders to kill Vladić. Anderson reluctantly follows him. Merinov suggests them a collapsed building overlooking Vladić’s function.

Merinov leaves to locate transport for Maddox and Anderson even as they ambush the Serbian Commander. There Merinov betrays them to the Serbian forces and they’re captured. Anderson escapes to forestall Merinov from framing US forces for the genocide. Anderson finds out from command that Maddox is truely a traitor working with Merinov, who manipulated him to kill Vladić leaving his forces free to take part in gun going for walks. He is ordered to kill Maddox rather than Merinov. Anderson shoots Maddox interior a shifting jeep and maintains the shell casing of the bullet which he shot Maddox with. Him to kill Merinov who is ready to sell the Bio-Agent to a Fanatical Jihadi Warlord in Kashmir – a fallout of which can create a war between Pakistan and India and income Merinov’s gun jogging operation. Diaz and Anderson head to Tibet to assassinate Merinov and recover the WMD. On the manner to the deal website they suffer an accident and lose their device. 

After recuperating their equipment and escaping a collapsing caveway they eventually reach the nest overlooking the ambush web page. While aiming to shoot Merinov, Anderson sees Maddox, apparently having survived his shot popping out of the helicopter. Maddox notices them and indicators their very own mercenary forces to the ambush. Anderson shoots and kills Merinov through the glass of the helicopter, inflicting it to crash. Maddox however survives and secures the Bio-Weapon and name callings Anderson to come after him. Diaz and Anderson go after Maddox which sooner or later results in Anderson having a sniping duel with Maddox. Finally Anderson shoots and kills Maddox, securing the Bio-Weapon. Diaz asks him if he has anyone expecting him returned at home to which Anderson replies ‘My rifle is my quality buddy, it is my life’ and drops the shell he saved for twenty years.

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