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Battlefield Vietnam
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Battlefield Vietnam

I recently played (Battlefield Vietnam)
because I was looking for a new online shooter game to play. I’ve about worn
out my Medal of Honor CD’s and decided it was time to play a new title.
Overall, I think (Battlefield Vietnam) makes
a great online title.

I had a few video related problems when I first installed.
Rolling back to older video card drivers fixed the problem. I was up and
running in about 10 minutes. One thing that I did find annoying is the high
loading times for the levels. I have a 10K Ultra 320 SCSI setup, and the load
time still takes forever. I can’t imagine what it’s like for IDE users.

The other thing I noticed is that the graphics engine on
this game brought my video card to its knees. I’m running a Ge-force 4 Ti4600
and I have to run my display settings on low @ 1024×768 to get the frame rates
I’m used to.

Now, about the online play. It rocks! I still haven’t
figured everything out yet, but the sheer flexibility of online play is
amazing. You and your boys pile into hooey. The pilot hits the radio and turns
on your favorite tunes. You go screaming over the enemy base, you and your boys
light up your M-16’s. The Huey takes a hit, you hear the rotors scream and
notice the dark smoke trailing from the back of the chopper. You jump out, pull
your chute and land in a stream. You start swimming forward only to get shot in
the head by the enemy’s assault rifle. Awesome game play!

Game Play:

Another interesting aspect about online play that I’ve
personally never seen before is the ability to compromise the opponents spawns
points. So if you and your boys roll up into the enemy’s quarters and lay siege,
you can take over. Once you hang out long enough, you take control of that
point, and the enemy can no longer spawn there.

Even with the installation issues I had, I feel the game was
worth the 40 bucks they are charging for it. It takes time to get the bugs out
of a game, and a lot of people don’t have much patience it seems like. Once you
spend a year of your life writing a few hundred thousand lines of code, you wouldn’t
want to be writing a patch just yet either. Nobody does it perfect on the first

If nothing else, wait a few months for the price to drop,
and for the bugs to be fixed, and you’ll have yourself a great online title for
your (gaming collection).

(Battlefield Vietnam) is
a really good game. But let me tell you, this game is not for slow or old
computers. It doesn’t take 5-10 minutes to load a map. I have a Pentium 4 and
it only takes about 2 minutes max. The guns are amazing; especially the L.A.W
and the m16 are all really good. You are fighting the North Vietnamese and the Vietcong.
The Vietcong will use plunge sticks (big sticks w/poison on the end) and will
use other weapons like that. You can airlift a vehicle in and out of hotspots
and you can use fighter jets that have fire bombs and missiles(machine guns for
the MIG’s)You can rig a Vehicle w/explosives and when any1 gets in it the
vehicle will explode. This game is much tougher that (Battlefield)
1942 but that doesn’t make it a bad game. A few of the minor flaws are that
1.If you fall down the stairs running and kill yourself, but you will have
minimal damage if you just fall of w/o running. 2.You can kill an enemy fighter
jet w/one missile but it will take 2 to take down a helicopter 3.The game will
just freeze after about 45 minis. of play. Overall, this game is defiantly
worth the cost and the storage it takes up on your computer. The weapons are
cool and combat is great. A must buy.

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Key Features of (Battlefield Vietnam):

Easy to play.

Free for download.

 First person (shooter game).

Digital Weapons and Vehicles are available.

High Graphic is providing for play.

The game is true story based game.

System Requirement of (Battlefield Vietnam):

C.P.U:                                   Intel
Core i3 is minimum required.

 O.S:                                     Windows 07 is minimum required.

Video Graphic Card:            Ge-force
4 Ti4600 with 1024×768 frame rate.

Direct X:                               Direct
X Version 9.0.

RAM:                                     256MBs


FAQs Questions:

You can still play Battlefield

You can still play Battlefield 2142 (along with Battlefield 1942,
Battlefield 2, and Battlefield Vietnam) on Game Ranger. … More details on
their services are available at;

How can you play Battlefield Vietnam?

Now double click on Butterfield Vietnam, now click on multiplayer,
click online as you can see that there are some servers. Available, just click
and join, and wait for the game to load. 


Battlefield Vietnam Download:

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